Thank you to the educators and business partners that participated in our Countywide Advisory Committee Meetings. Next year’s meeting dates are coming soon!

April 17, 2017 Advisory Committee Meeting AgendaAdvisory Meeting Agenda 4-17-17

Industry Sector Meeting Minutes:

Agriculture and Natural Resources/ Energy, Environment and Utilities: Agriculture Energy, Environment Minutes

Arts, Media and Entertainment: Arts, Media Minutes

Building and Construction/ Architecture: Arch. Bldg. Const Minutes

Business and Finance/ Marketing, Sales and Service: Business Marketing Minutes

Engineering/ Manufacturing and Product Development: Engineering Manuf Minutes

Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation: Hospitality Minutes

Information and Communications Technology: Information Technology Minutes

Public Services: Public Service Minutes

Transportation: Transportation Minutes


May 2, 2017- Health Science and Medical Technology Advisory Committee Agenda

Health Science Meeting Minutes:Meeting Minutes- HEALTH ADVISORY 2017