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Entree to Employment is a series of industry-specific networking dinners, allowing students ranging from high school to community college and adult schools to meet and interact with local professionals, employers and educators from throughout Ventura County in a casual dinner setting.

These dynamic dinner conversations, hosted at California Lutheran University and California State University Channel Islands, provide a unique opportunity for students who are interested in knowing more about career paths within an industry to connect with professionals and employers. These conversations give students a forum to ask questions and learn more about the various professional and educational opportunities that exist right here in Ventura County.

Some testimonials from past attendees:

“You’ll meet real world changers – people that offer guidance you can’t find other places. It is an amazing opportunity to learn how to succeed on your path.” – Student

“I would encourage other students to give Entrée to Employment a try – you can learn to look at your goals in a whole new way.” – Student

“This dinner is an amazing opportunity to learn more about the industry and hear about personal experiences and get advice from various employers and teachers.” – Student

“The spirit of youth is contagious! It’s a life-changing experience.” – Employer

In the News & Past Entree to Employment Events

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We’re changing lives – one dinner at a time.

EE Ag. E Villegas and El Concilio

Entrée to Employment dinner at CSUCI in December 2016, featuring Agriculture & Natural Resources + Energy, Environment and Utilities professionals:

Pictured, L-R: Yvonne Gutierrez of El Concilio Family Services and Ernie Villegas of Villegas Public Affairs.

EE Ag Opterra. Strickland. Sayer

Entrée to Employment dinner at CSUCI in December 2016, featuring Energy, Environment and Utilities professionals: L-R: Anthony Lumino of OpTerra Energy Services, Fred Strickland of Corona Coastal Grower and Chris Sayer of Petty Ranch.

Healthcare EE pic

“The spirit of youth is contagious! Entrée to Employment is a life-changing experience.” – Business Partner

The Entrée to Employment Dinner in March 2016 featured professionals, faculty and students in the Health Science and Medical Technology fields at California Lutheran University.

Event Series 2016 – 2017

October 18, 2016 Business, Finance & Marketing CSUCI
November 15, 2016 Health Science and Medical Technology CLU
December 6, 2016 Arts, Media & Entertainment CLU
January 19, 2017 Transportation, Aviation, Welding & Manufacturing CLU
February 9, 2017 Information and Communications Technology CLU
February 22, 2017 Education CSUCI
March 16, 2017 Hospitality Courtyard by Marriott, Oxnard
March 22, 2017 Architecture, Building & Construction CLU
March 28, 2017 Agriculture & Natural Resources VCOE
April 18, 2017 Public Service CLU
April 25, 2017 Engineering & Energy CSUCI

All events require a reservation. Entree to Employment takes place from 6:00 – 8:00pm and are located at either California Lutheran University (CLU) or California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI).

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