2015-2016 Pathway Development Accomplishments

Last school year was a busy year for VC Innovates and our partners.  During the 2015-2016 school year, we designed and built 118 new career pathways in 14 industry sectors that encompassed over 350 classes serving over 7000 students.  48 new CTE classes were approved as college prep/A-G courses.  15 of these courses were also approved for Honors credit and carry additional GPA weight which is a significant achievement.

The VC Innovates project thrives because we have an engaging and thoughtful curriculum, and we thank the many teachers and faculty who have tirelessly worked to redesign and build courses that will engage and inspire students.  Last year we facilitated 142 curriculum meetings. 

Of the 350 courses that were designed last year, 110 were articulated with one of the three community colleges.