Marketing, Sales, and Service

The Marketing, Sales, and services sector is designed to align career-path course work with current and projected employment opportunities.  The three pathways in the this sector:

  • Marketing
  • Professional Sales
  • Entrepreneurship/Self-Employment

emphasize training to meet the growing need for marketing professionals with skills in communication, small business, self-employment, advertising, marketing strategies, product and service management and promotion and selling concepts.

For more information on participating Ventura County Schools and School Districts, please click below for the specific pathways provided and contact information for each school site:

Conejo Valley Unified School District

Thousand Oaks High School

    • Entrepreneurship/Self-Employment

Site Coordinator: Jane Carlson Ÿ•

Simi Valley Unified School District

Simi Valley High School

  • Entrepreneurship/Self-Employment
  • Marketing

Site Coordinator: John Baxter Ÿ•

Valley View Middle School

  • Entrepreneurship/Self-Employment

Site Coordinator: Dr. Terri Leon Ÿ•

Ventura Unified School District

Foothill Technology High School

  • Entrepreneurship/Self-Employment

Site Coordinator: Darcy Duffy •Ÿ

Marketing, Sales and Service Liaison